Wednesday, 26 January 2011

In The Beginning...

Hi there,
Ok, this is my first ever post on my first ever blog, so here goes...
Lets start with a bit about me, my name is Rachael Johnson and I am currently studying on a Textiles and Surface Design degree at Cleveland College of Art and Design. I returned to the second year of the course in September 2010, after taking a year out to have a baby. A little girl named Rose infact (any excuse to show her off !), and now that she's one year old, i feel im ready to get this show back on the road!
I have always loved art and design, but I suppose everyone would say that! Im not going to pretend that I live and breathe it, because like most things, it can do my head in from time to time, but I like to think it is what im good at (hopefully). I love to doodle and draw and can usually be found doing this on a regular basis.
As for my favourite area of textile/product design, I dont think I could really say just yet, I'm waiting until we have covered all the bases before I make my mind up on that far though, I think I've enjoyed designing for furnishings the most.

Now we've got that out of the way, I can get on with the interesting stuff next time, but for now,
enjoy your day :)