Monday, 21 February 2011

A Fresh Start

After my brief introduction a couple of weeks ago I appear to have neglected my blog, what sort of a mother am i!
So I think i'll take this opportunity to try again...since today has been a day to organise my uni work load as well as my head, I feel like its a good starting point to update and organise my blog too.

A few weeks ago we began our third project of the year, Surface Design for Gift, which is linked with a live assignment from Hallmark...all very official stuff. Since then i've been struggling to find my feet with it, but hopefully today ive had a breakthrough, but only time will tell!
I have chosen to challenge myself by going with a male trend, no girlie flowers for me this time! Instead i'll be drawing objects like binoculars, maps, tickets and stamps to go along with my theme of 'Well Travelled'
Images will be posted soon!

What else has happened recently? Well, there was a little trip to the continent and back, which although was very enjoyable, was not very productive, whoops!

I also have some images of the last project, Surface Design for Fashion, to upload.
The theme for this project was 'the 50's'

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